Curated Cabin Reading

Because Lloyd's Landing is a screen-free zone, it's vitally important to have a large collection of books to read.  Dave and I have (somewhat) carefully curated the books we make available, following a few non-binding rules:

First, a cabin book needs to be readable in one week or whatever is the length of one's vacation.  Depending on the reader, this might be a 150-page romance novel, or it might be Volume 6 in the Harry Potter series.  Just to be sure, we have them both.  And a corollary to this rule is that cabin books should be light enough--weight-wise, not content-wise--to take in the row boat.  Not all of us want to fish, after all.

Cabin books need to take you away without clouding your serene view of the lake.  My uncle Maurie, who had the cabin in the 1970s, left some memoirs in the cabin from the likes of Howard Cosell and Ed Koch.  Even sitting mutely on the shelf, those books were just too loud.  When you turn off the screens, you should get to turn off the jabber-mouths who fill up the airwaves.  So our collection majors on fiction, with a little bit of history and art for good measure.  But braggy memoirs from yesterday's blowhards are definitely out.

The cabin collection also needs to have quality, but not be too judgemental.  So those romance novels?  We have a few.  Mystery novels?  We have a bunch.  Coffee table art books for the non-reader?  Got those too.  And of course, To Kill a Mockingbird is the centerpiece of our classics section.

Finally, when it comes to a good book at the lake, the most important rule is to not overthink it.


A Little Bit of Everything!

A Little Bit of Everything!

Amy Anderson