Supply Run

When we first bought the cabin, Dave said, "Well, it's a long way to go just to mow a lawn."  Over time, we've made enough local friends who help us out with all kinds of things: a high schooler now mows our lawn and Lois, a very industrious local woman, cleans in between renters.  So we no longer make the 320-mile journey just to mow.

Also along the way, we've learned that when you don't have Target, Shopko, and Hy Vee all within a 3-mile radius, you need to plan ahead on the supplies.  We stock up pretty well at the start of the season, but with so many new guests this year, it was hard to guess how they would use things up.  I got a list of necessities from Lois, and made a trip to Costco.  Now, with the car loaded down with paper products and cleaning supplies, we're making a "quick" run up.  

Keeping the guests well stocked!

Keeping the guests well stocked!

It's a long way to go just to stock toilet paper, but for us, totally worth it!

Amy AndersonComment